Piyale Couscous 500g


Kuskus is the Turkish appellation for tiny spherical-shaped pieces of pasta classified as “pastina” in Italian because of their very small size. Not to be mistaken for North African couscous, this traditional Turkish pasta (a sister to Greek couscousaki) is classically used in soups and warm side dishes. At Piyale, we have been making traditional pasta in Turkey since 1922. Our Kuskus is a perfect ingredient for chicken, tomato and vegetable soups and great pasta choice for minestrone and Italian Wedding Soup. Prepare our Grandine Couscous as you would any other pasta: boiled in salted water or pan toasted in olive oil and butter before adding your cooking liquid. For a lovely side dish, serve Piyale Grandine Kuskus al dente mixed with sautéed garlic in warm olive oil and top with Feta or grated parmesan cheese. Add sautéed diced mushrooms, shallots, peas and basil to the aglio e olio, for a delectable accompaniment to any main meal. Piyale Grandine Couscous is the perfect size for kids and delicious with tomato sauce or in a stovetop mac and cheese. Once you start working with Kuskus, you will find it is a fun alternative to rice, Israeli couscous and quinoa. Add PIyale Grandine Couscous to your favorite stuffed zucchini or acorn squash recipe for a change of pace from the everyday.


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