Duru Thai Rice 1Kg


Thai rice is produced for consumer who are seeking low price rice and reasonable quality. This product is imported from Thailand. Thai rice is easy to cook and differs in delicious taste. The broken grain ratio in Thai rice is 0%.

Origin: Thailand

Type of Meals the Product can be used in

You can visit www.durulezzetler.com for recipes including Thai rice.

Serving size: 60 g
Nutrition facts are calculated on 60 g dry material, over 2000 kcal for adults.

Nutrients Amount % Daily Value
Calories 203 10.1 %
Fat 0.3 g 0.5 %
Carbohydrate 45.4 g 15.1 %
Sugar 0 g 0 %
Fiber 1.7 g 6.8 %
Protein 4.0 g 8.0 %
Salt 0 g 0 %

Preparation Tip for Product

Please soak for 10 minutes prior to cooking. When cooking Thai rice, please use 2.5 cups of hot water for each cup of Thai rice you want to cook.


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