Duru Popcorn 1Kg


Popcorn is a yellow colored and hard corn type. It is only used to be popped. The variety used by Duru is butterfly popcorn which resembles a butterfly when popped. Another variety of popcorn is mushroom. Mushroom popcorns look like mushroom. With its 99% popping ratio, Duru popcorn differs in its flavor.

Origin: Turkey

Type of Meals the Product can be used in

You can visit www.durulezzetler.com for recipes including popcorn.

Serving size: 60 g
Nutrition facts are calculated on 60 g dry material, over 2000 kcal for adults.

Nutrients Amount % Daily Value
Calories 181 9.1%
Fat 2.3 g 3.5 %
Carbohydrate 35.1 g 11.7%
Protein 5.1 g 10.2%


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